Renato Martins, the Brazilian multi-instrumentalist launched his first CD “Indaiá” in 2003. Considered one of the innovators of Brazilian percussion when transforming everyday objects into musical instruments, Renato composes Brazilian music, which is daring and full of vitality. In this work, rhythms of Brazil mixed with Latin, African and Indian, surrounded by jazz, flamenco and classical.
Renato composed all the songs from ‘Indaiá’, save two collaborations. He plays an array of percussive instruments (udu, rain stick, triangle, caxixi, steel tray, bongos and clave) as well as the piano, the keyboard, melodica and drums. The CD has contributions from renowned Brazilian musicians like Roberto Sion, Celio Barros and Oswaldinho do Acordeon.

1- Indaiá (Renato Martins)
2- Fala, Seu Luiz (Renato Martins)
3- Pianíssima (Renato Martins)
4- Saudade (Renato Martins)
5- Sambacatu (Renato Martins/Roberto Angerosa)
6- Segredos (Renato Martins)
7- Praça dos Sonhos (Renato Martins/Fábio Cardia)
8- O Sonho de Alice (Renato Martins)
9- Boca Suja (Renato Martins)

arranged by Renato Martins

Renato Martins: piano, keyboards, melodica, percussion, drums, vocals
Celio Barros: acoustic bass
Oswaldinho do Acordeon: accordeon
Roberto Sion: flute, sax
Flávio Rodrigues: flamenco guitar on “Fala, Seu Luiz”
Faíska: acoustic guitar on “O Sonho de Alice”
Fábio Cardia: acoustic guitar on “Praça dos Sonhos”
Roberto Angerosa: percussion on “Sambacatu” and cajon on “Fala, seu Luiz”
Ricardo Gomez: backing vocals on “Praça dos Sonhos”
Sérgio Sá: keyboards on “O sonho de Alice”


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Artist : Renato Martins Group
Catalog ref. : Independent
Format : CD