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Renato Martins & Pierre Gillet Duo

Common roots, the same way of dialogue in music, and a desire to explore new possibilities, this is what characterizes the duo Renato Martins-Pierre Gillet. Vibrating wood and strings, they use their acoustic guitar, cajon and udu (ceramic percussion instrument of African origin) to present Brazilian musical themes or jazz standards.
Brazilian multi instrumentalist Renato Martins, from São Paulo, started to play percussion and piano when he was four years old. He studied drums and jazz piano and finished his musical studies with courses in classical piano, composition and conducting. Renato Martins has created new techniques for traditional instruments; for example, the UDU and the CAJON. He’s also known to have applied kitchen utensils as percussion instruments and has been described as an innovator of Brazilian percussion by Brazil’s specialized media.
Pierre Gillet was born in 1987. After many musical experiences in Belgium, Portugal and Brazil, he decided to attend the Antwerp Jazz Studio, the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the summer programs of the Berklee School of Music. As a guitarist, he mainly plays Latin jazz, swing, choro and acoustic music. After spending some time in Rio, he discovered the 7-string acoustic guitar and since then he uses it as its main instrument.

Meet Pierre Gillet

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