Boris Gaquere
& Renato Martins

Boris Gaquere & Renato Martins met in Brussels in 2004, during Renato first stay in Belgium.
Boris’ approach to the traditional “Brazilian“ classical guitar style, influenced by his studies with Odair Assad, allows him to tour worldwide.
Renato’s creativity with the Cajón and especially the Udu, or clay pot, has made him to be regarded as Brazil’s percussion innovator.
For obvious reasons, they soon realized they had a similar approach to music and, after playing together a few times, decided to team up.
Their repertoire, in addition to their own compositions, contains a number of Brazilian pieces by guitarists and composers of renown (Baden-Powell, Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira, etc). The set is a musical festival of instrumental rhythms and colors.
TEMPO FELIZ consecrates this union. As this recording clearly shows, they meet in perfect harmony and emphasize the bond they share between virtuosity and swing of the Brazilian rhythms.
The CD was released in the first quarter of 2006 on Mogno Music, a Belgian Jazz, Fusion & Roots specialist recording label Mogno Music.
From 2005, they were guests at the Brno Guitar Festival in the Czech Republic and played selected appearances in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Brazil, USA, Argentina and Taiwan.





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Meet Boris Gaquere

Boris Gaquere

Acoustic Guitar


“Tempo Feliz is a great recording, bare, sober, incisive, full of life and rythm. The material is written and arranged by contemporary Brazilian guitarists and composers (Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira). Also to be found, music from Baden Powell and Lúis Bonfá arranged by the great Sérgio Assad. There is in Boris Gaquere, Belgian guitarist who proposes his own music imbued with the colours of Brazil, a marvellous control of the guitar, a beautiful essential rythmic sprightliness for this demanding repertoire. He finds in Renato Martins, straight out of São Paulo, an ideal partner for these melodies.”PHILIP CATHERINE (JAZZ GUITARIST)
“Boris Gaquere and Renato Martins, a highly regarded duo who have achieved great success with their combination of guitar and drum.”TAIPEI TIMES
“Amazing, the results obtained by these two musicians of such differing musical backgrounds. Boris Gaquerre’s expressive virtuosity and Renato Martins’ rythmical precision applied to these great composers for the Brazilian guitar, shows that music knows no frontiers, and that all is possible when what is in question is talent.”ULISSES ROCHA (BRAZILIAN GUITARIST & COMPOSER)
“Simple and bold. But dynamized by the virtuosity of both performers (a Belgian specialist of Brazilian classical guitar and a percussion master coming from São Paulo). And by the vivacity of their exchanges on standards by Baden Powell, Jobim, Luís Bonfá, etc… and also on their own compositions. A beautiful recording of instrumental music.”A.J. (LE SOIR, BRUSSELS)
“Boris Gaquere is considered as the best classical guitarist in Belgium. The Brazilian Renato Martins renewed the percussion in Brazil playing the UDU (clay-pot). From the union of this two talents appeared suddenly the CD “Tempo Feliz”, a celebration of Brazilian music. The duo Gaquere-Martins shows their work in Jundiaí tonight. The repertory of the concert is based on what is on the CD, recorded last year in Belgium by Mogno Music. “It is a work of classical compositions with elements from the Brazilian popular music” says Martins. “There is a little bit of samba, frêvo and baião”. Beyond their own compositions, the duet shows classics from Brazilian guitarists and composers such as Baden Powell. Brazilian music, moreover, is the passion of Boris who studied with Odair Assad, a world reference in term of classical guitar. The multi-instrumentalist Renato Martins was born in Rio but grew up in São Paulo, starting playing percussions and piano by the age of 4. Autodidact, he created different technics, such as using kitchen ustensils to play percussion. Boris Gaquere and Renato Martins met in Brussels in September 2004, during Renato’s first stay in Belgium. After this first informal meeting, the empathy between both musicians was instantaneous. They created the duo Gaquere-Martins and gave many concerts in South America and Europe, always being a great draw.”JORNAL BOM DIA (JUNDIAÍ, BRAZIL)
“The way Boris Gaquere is playing the guitar is obviously from the classical technique, with a clear and clean sound, but it also shows a temperament indispensable for the popular music…” “… Renato Martins is a renewer of the Brazilian percussion…”MARCELO CORONEL - EL DIARIO DE ROSARIO (ROSARIO, ARGENTINA)
“On Sunday January 15, as a part of the cycle “Conciertos en el Huerto”, will take place in town the concert of the duet made by the guitarist Boris Gaquere and the Brazilian percussionist Renato Martins. Both artists, who are famous in the music world, will show their work in Santa Fe on Sunday from 9:00 PM. “The concert is part of a serie of outdoor activities during the summer which were brought together under the title En el Huerto bajos las estrellas” says Miguel Piva, organizer of the event. “There isn’t a lot of opportunities for the inhabitants of Santa Fe to listen to a concert gave by a world class guitarist such as the one they will listen to in a few days” precises the organizer. Boris Gaquere is one of the young european musicians most renown in Europe, and he learned the Brazilian and South-amercian guitar styles. Influenced by his teacher Odair Assad, the Belgian guitarist dedicated his latest CD to the latin american style, accompanied by Renato Martins, met a few years ago in Belgium. Since then, they played in several parts of the world. The fiery recording Tempo Feliz “not only put this magnificient union in a concrete form, showing clearly its perfect harmony, but also is the mixture between the virtuosity and the swing of the Brazilian rythms” says Martins. Boris Gaquere and Renato Martins played in prestigious festivals such as the Brno Guitar Festival (Czech Republic), many places in Brussels (Belgium), but also in Brazil and England. The program they will propose in our city will be made of pieces by essential Brazilian guitarists and composer (Baden Powell, Paulo Bellinati and Marco Pereira), and also by their own compositions.”EL LITORAL (SANTA FE, ARGENTINA)