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Percussion Innovation

Percussion Innovation

Renato Martins is known to have applied everyday objects such kitchen utensils as percussion instruments and has been described as an innovator of Brazilian percussion by Brazil’s specialized media. Renato Martins presents the results from his research of new techniques and new approaches to creative percussion. The piece “SAMBA DE MESA” was presented at “The 1st Visa Award” and at the prestigious project “Instrumental Sesc Brasil” in São Paulo with great response from the public and the media.

“…one of the most respected percussion artists in the world…”pridemusic.com.br

“…one of the few with the amazing ability to tell stories, create tension, delight, thrill using only percussion instruments…”obaterista.com

“…Fantastic! Magical…percussion master…”udu.com

“…an innovator of the Brazilian percussion …”submarino.com

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