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The Creative Percussion Show

The Creative Percussion Show

World class master percussionist and former Cirque du Soleil artist Renato Martins is also a musical educator. He has performed percussion clinics, master classes and workshops in festivals, cultural centers, music schools and universities in Brazil, Argentine, Qatar, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, England, Belgium and other countries in Europe.
The Creative Percussion Workshow, a mixture of concert and workshop,  presents Renato Martins’ unique techniques on his main ethnic percussion instruments, the UDU and the CAJON, nowadays largely used in all music styles.
Renato Martins also demonstrates his creative percussion and the results from his research of new techniques and new approaches to creative percussion, such as the use of everyday objects as percussion instruments.
DESCRIPTION: a mixture of concert and workshop using:
– playback tracks
– video presentation:
  • history, technique and application of the UDU and the CAJON
  • the use of everyday objects as percussion instruments
  • amplifying the UDU and the CAJON
  • the importance of creativity in the musical career with concrete examples such as the experience working for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and the audition process
– performance of live original compositions for vocals and percussion instruments with the use of loop station (“concert” content)
– composition and improvisation for percussion ensemble
TYPE OF VENUE: concert hall, theater (stage), large music classrooms
TARGET PUBLIC: musicians, music students of all instruments (not only drummers and percussionists) and regular public.

“…one of the most respected percussion artists in the world…”pridemusic.com.br

“…one of the few with the amazing ability to tell stories, create tension, delight, thrill using only percussion instruments…”obaterista.com

“…Fantastic! Magical…percussion master…”udu.com

“…an innovator of the Brazilian percussion …”submarino.com




₢ Renato Martins 2020