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Box Percussion

Meet Box Percussion

Box Percussion is dedicated to lovers of percussion throughout the world. We specialize in developing new instruments made of wood, bamboo, palm, and other natural products mixed with repurposed industrial materials of plastic and metal. Unique instruments made by passionate percussionists for creative percussionists.

Discover the Box

Box Percussion’The Box” is a new and beautifully constructed hand percussion instrument capable of producing a wide variety of sounds with a large dynamic range and distinctive timbres.

Handmade of select and often repurposed wood, “The Box” is light in weight but heavy in musical possibilities. Available in three sizes (small, medium, large) with two color options (light or dark) and two texture options (smooth or rough). Tiny beads affixed to the underside of the playing surface produce distinctive and subtle snare-like sounds on the instrument’s playing surface. The Box is the perfect choice for informal acoustic jams at parties among friends as well as performances on the concert stage.  Enjoy making music on this highly portable instrument! Get creative and play outside the box.

Discover the Magic Shaker

Box Percussion’s Magic Shaker is an innovative percussion shaker capable of producing melodic phrases with two and three tones and a wide variety of timbres. Constructed of bamboo, repurposed wood, and plastic beads, it features flute-like finger holes that can be opened or covered to achieve distinct pitches and create dynamic rhythmic grooves for solo or accompaniment.

Discover the Caxixi

Box Percussion’s Caxixi (pronounced ka-she-shé) is inspired by the traditional Brazilian woven basket instrument of the same name that has become a favorite among world percussionists.


₢ Renato Martins 2020