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Renato Martins Trio

Brazilian multi instrumentalist Renato Martins, born in Rio and brought up in São Paulo, started to play percussion and piano when he was four years old. He has been considered one of the most respected percussionists in the world and described as an innovator of Brazilian percussion by Brazil’s specialized Media.
A former Cirque du Soleil’s percussionist, Renato has performed worldwide and he was one of the finalists of the Boss Loop Station World Competition.
Notably known for his original master technique on the Udu, Renato Martins presents his solo percussion repertoire with original compositions for this Nigerian pot, using also the Peruvian Cajon and other percussion instruments which are manipulated with a loop station.
Contemporary and universal, Renato Martins Trio is a celebration of rhythms and colors. Renato invites for this musical journey, the accordionist Manu Comté and the guitarist Boris Gaquere.
Manu Comté started playing his father’s accordion at the age of 7. His musical studies with the Royal Academy of Mons (Belgium) are rewarded by a higher Diploma for accordion and one 1st prize for chamber music, both allotted with the highest distinctions. Manu obtains then a first prize of the town of Paris with the greatest distinction with the Academy “Lili and Nadia Boulanger”. Comté has been performing in many countries and has won many contests in Belgium and abroad. Boris Gaquere is Belgium’s one of the most important guitarists. He travelled around the world with several projects, including his duet with Brazilian percussionist Renato Martins. He has made seven albums. As a composer, he wrote for solo and guitar ensembles but he also composed a concerto for guitar, accordion and string orchestra called Le Concerto de Sedan.
Offering a mystery tour of South America, somewhere between Brazil and Argentina, the repertoire includes original compositions, as well as covers (Dino Saluzzi, Tomàs Gubitsch, Hermeto Pascoal,…), and the influences range from tango nuevo to Brazilian instrumental music, with echoes of jazz and classical music. This blend of musical colors gives a particular tone to the trio, which swings between the light, festive sound of Brazil and the more introspective tone of Argentinean music. Renato Martins Trio stands out with a strong personality that has both light and dark, delicate tenderness and raw power.
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